About Us

So you want to know a little bit more about The XS Group?

If so keep reading....

….It all began on a dark, rainy night. The wind was howling like twenty wolves.......wait.......that's a different story.

What I am about to say is not a story at all, it's all about us The XS Group, who we are, what we stand for and how we can help you.

We started The XS Group a few years ago and we have started a few blogs, Gadget XS and Recipe XS. We do have plans in the future to expand and take over the web <evil laugh>. Joking aside we do have plans for the future which, hopeful, you can join us for the ride.

We do have a few rules which we work by, these are:

  1. We always think about you and put the reader first.

  2. Always recycle and buy recycled products where ever possible.

  3. We, where possible, source things locally to reduce petrol emissions.

  4. Where possible we use open source programs. All links to the programs we use and some we don't but still feel that you might find them useful are at our links page.

As you can tell we pride ourselves on being a very green company. Remember to read our blog to keep up to date with any news related to our green ethics. Also if you have any green ideas you would like us to try head on over to our contact page and send us a email or become our fan on Facebook, also you can follow us on Twitter.

So basicaly our aim is to make you happy and supply you with useful and helpful information, along with making this planet a better place to live.



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